About Us

Allstein GmbH was formed by a group of highly experienced industry professionals with expertise in research and development, engineering, production, service and sales of medium to wide web flexographic printing machines.
With design and production based in Herford Germany the company strives to deliver the very best flexographic printing equipment available in the market today, oriented to customers needs.

As a technology driven company we offer:

  1. Machines that produce the highest print grade & quality for wide web CI based flexographic printing.
  2. Equipment operation designed specifically for printers by printers.
  3. The fastest production to production changeover times in the industry with the lowest possible waste.

From an innovation standpoint, the founders have together been involved in more than 200 national and international patent applications, many of these realised in todays flexographic printing equipment.
The design of our machines is an extension of the rich practical experience of our founders in the design, performance and service of existing printing machines, proven technology from the machine tool industry, together with innovation to improve operator handling and massively reduce changeover times. Every aspect of our equipment is based on extensive time studies to eliminate wasted operator effort, superfluous motion, and unnecessary labour to deliver the industry’s fastest, and easiest changeovers for today’s short run packaging market.
allstein - conference call
We pride ourselves in delivering the very best CI flexographic printing press available today achieved through intelligent engineering, advanced technology, and optimized performance. By listening to the needs of our customers, striving to address those needs, keeping our promises and helping our clients consistently deliver the very best printed packaging we maintain long term relationships with all our customers.

If you are tired of comparing the endless specifications of the many flexographic machines in the market today and are looking for a ‘workhorse’ machine that will help define your print quality to your customers, then it’s time you spoke to us.